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Toby Ley


Albany, Western Australia
Whalers Gallery Café

Toby grew up in the Blue Mountains in NSW and is well accustomed to busy tourism venues from throughout his apprenticeship and working career! Having taken a 12 month camping holiday around Australia with his then girlfriend, Toby has made Albany his home in the last 12 months, also celebrating his recent marriage.
Being familiar with foraging for wild mushrooms for menus in the mountains, he now enjoys the opportunity to explore the local produce of the Great Southern, including the incredible fish and seafood in the region. Toby completed his chef apprenticeship in restaurants and fine dining venues in 2013, and has since enjoyed the variety and opportunity of working in cafes during daylight hours!
Together with Tamara at Whalers Galley Cafe, Toby enjoys creating menus that both “work” as well as appeal to those who love to enjoy the amazing offers of King George Sound and it’s surrounds.
Outside of work, Toby spends his time leisurely hiking, camping, and photographing the local birds and wildlife, making for a good relax away from the popular tourist attraction at the Albany’s Historic Whaling Station.



Taste Great Southern

Twilight Fish Tales

Tuesday, 23 March 2021
6pm to 8pm

Albany’s Historic Whaling Station, Albany