Larry Blight (003)

Larry Blight

Tour Guide

Albany, Western Australia
Kurrah Mia

Larry is a Menang Man, who is passionate about his Boodja (Land) and all things on it. Larry has extensive knowledge of local bushfoods, medicines, fauna, local stories and traditions.
Larry has been passing on this knowledge through cross-cultural awareness workshops, Aboriginal tourism, school educational workshops and more. Larry has helped on archaeological digs and research. His passion to understand and to share not only “what”, “where”, and “when”, but also “why”, “how”, add dimension and often humour as he tells stories of the Menang people and their history.
Larry is experienced at making traditional tools using natural products and techniques passed down from his ancestors.


Taste Great Southern

Sandalwood Nut High Tea

Saturday 7 May 2022
2.30pm - 4.30pm

The Sandalwood Shop, Albany