Kim Tyrer


Mount Barker, Western Australia
Galafrey Wines

Kim Tyrer is the CEO & Winemaker of Galafrey Wines. Galafrey was established in 1977, and remains a family business. In 2003, Kim’s father Ian Tyrer passed away. Kim was 25 years old. As an only child, Kim came back to Galafrey and later stepped into her father’s role as CEO & winemaker.
After a steep learning curve, and a few hurdles, Galafrey continues to be a strong and well respected brand in the wine industry. Driven by pride and family history Kim markets Galafrey Wines through story and empowerment of place.
With strong leadership skills, Kim is the Vice President of the Mt Barker Wine Producers, and has been newly appointed to the Wine Industry APC Committee of WA.
Kim is looking forward to her near future of further developing her skills as a winemaker. Spending more time in marketing, exploring new innovations, seeing growth in her wine business and further leadership roles within the wine industry.


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Galafrey Wines Long Table Lunch

Sunday 5 May 2024
12.00pm to 4.00pm

Galafrey Wines, Mt Barker