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Herb Faust



Herb Faust has been a chef for over 20 years. He traces his appreciation and passion for food back to childhood memories of regular visits to the Buddhist temple, where those who offered food to the monks would share the remainder amongst them. The amazing array of authentic Thai food on offer sparked a keen interest in this style of cuisine which Herb describes as providing such a delicate balance of flavours, but also requiring strong technique to execute. It’s an approach that has always inspired him in his cooking.
In 2010, Herb was presented with the once in a lifetime chance to appear in the Australian version of the cult television cooking show, Iron Chef. He went on to be the only contestant in the series to defeat an Iron Chef.
The win was an absolute highlight in Herb’s career, reigniting his passion for producing innovative food, and awakening a desire to share his creations with a wider audience. And so, in 2011, he and his wife Deanna launched their own catering business, Herb Faust Food. The extensive range of dining experiences on offer allow Herb to unleash his creativity to produce unique and stylish food for all kinds of catered occasions and events across Western Australia.
When he’s not in the kitchen, Herb loves spending time with his wife and two children or catching up with mates for a skate or surf.


Taste Great Southern

Kaat-Nyiny Yorga Yarning

Sunday 8 May 2022
12.00pm to 3.00pm

Old Power Station at Premier Mill Hotel, Katanning