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Guy Jeffreys


Perth, Western Australia
Kitchen Community

Guy Jeffreys runs Kitchen Community, a small scale cooking class that teaches traditional techniques for everyday living in modern kitchens. Guy has been teaching apprentices, chefs, gardeners and hospitality managers how to be their best for years at Millbrook Winery, now with his new business it’s your turn to learn. If you enjoy food that has a sense of 􀆟me and place, Kitchen Community is here and now so jump on line and book a class.

WA Restaurant of the Year 2024 and 2022 – Gourmet Traveller Magazine
Two Chef Hats 2020 – Australian Good Food Guide
The New York Times Cri􀆟c’s Pick 2019 – Besha Rodell
Chef of the Year 2017 – West Australian Good Food Guide

Kitchen Community aims to bring like minded people together through the love of real food.


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