Dave Shorter



Dave is a talented cook who has a deep love and appreciation for Asian cuisine. Growing up, food was always a big part of Dave’s life – his mother was a renowned chef who cooked for the WA premier, while his father was in the army, which meant that he was exposed to a wide range of different culinary styles and techniques from an early age.

Dave’s childhood experiences had a huge influence on his love of cooking – he learned from an early age that food brings people together and can create a sense of community and connection. As he grew older, he became more and more interested in the intricate flavours and techniques of Asian cooking, experimenting with different ingredients and methods in his own kitchen.

Dave’s passion for Asian cuisine is rooted in his fascination with the cultural significance of food in Asian societies. He recognizes that for many Asian people, food is not just sustenance but is also tied to heritage, tradition and social status. This understanding has shaped how he approaches his own cooking, always striving to stay true to the roots and origins of each dish while also adding his own creative twist.

Overall, Dave’s love for cooking Asian food is an integral part of who he is. His upbringing exposed him to a variety of culinary styles and techniques, but it was his mother’s influence and his own curiosity that led him down a path of exploration and experimentation to become the talented and passionate cook he is today.


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