Taste Wine like a Pro at City Wine!

Follow these 3 easy steps to taste wine like a pro at City Wine:

1. Go from light to dark! Start with the lightest such as sparkling, then lighter whites, golden whites, followed by lighter reds, heavier reds and sweet fortified wines. Sparkling can also reset your palate, if you need to start again!

2. Use your senses!

Pick the glass up by the stem (holding the bowl can warm the wine) and look at its colour. A young red is usually brighter while white wines tend to look more golden as they age.

Keep the glass flat and give it a swirl to allow oxygen into the wine and release those delicious wine aromas. Now, you can smell! Try and work out any aromas you recognise, even if they’re non-wine things like cut grass, peaches or popcorn.

Now take a small sip and taste the wine. Let it spread across your tongue and take note of the different flavours and senses. The tip of the tongue detects sweetness, the inner sides detect acidity, and the outer sides detect saltiness.

3. Spit or not to spit? While the pros generally make use of the spittoons, one of the joys of being a regular punter is that you don’t have to. But whatever you decide, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the aftertaste on your tongue!

With these 3 steps you can taste wine like a pro and enjoy the art of wine tasting, and not to mention impress your friends with your new skills!

For more event info, please visit www.wineandfood.com.au/citywine

For tickets, please click here!

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