Wine and Food and Tourism

Events and exhibitions play a big role in exposing brands and creating sales for companies no matter what industry is being catered for. It is even more effective when it comes to food and wine! Putting the taste into mouths and creating the flavour experience for people visiting events is a big step to winning over their love and support for the produce on offer. The further extension is to take people into the regions where it is being made! Food and Wine or Culinary Tourism plays an important role for regions in Western Australia.

WA boasts almost 25% of Australia’s fine wine production and much of this comes from the small or boutique producers, and events provide an alternative route to market that many of our producers are seeking.

Whether events are staged in the city area or in the regions themselves, they are an important link to supporting and sustaining the wine and food industry.

Visitors to events are encouraged to explore and understand the wines and food they are enjoying and become ambassadors of the wonderful produce available in Western Australia. Explore the wine, explore the food, explore the regions!

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