Pearl Oysters ‘Kilpatrick”

By Guy Jeffreys
Fogarty Wine Group


200g diced pork back fat Recommendation: Pork by Plantagenet Pork
1 teaspoon smoked salt
30ml olive oil
10ml Worcestershire sauce
25ml fermented tomato sauce
2 dozen young pearl oysters (Akoya) Recommendation: Akoya Oyster by Leeuwin Coast


  1. Render pork fat. Crisp up fatty scraps and season for garnish. 
  2. When rendered measure out 100ml. Cool till starting to solidify, but not hard, then whip rendered fat in a kitchen aid till thick like a merengue.
  3. Emulsify smoked salt and olive oil into fat.
  4. To create fermented tomato sauce, dice a heap of tomatoes with a bit of chilli and garlic, then sprinkle over 2% of their weight in salt and leave sit covered on the bench for a week to ferment, then puree. (Tip: Use the leftover sauce for burgers, oysters, pasta or whatever you like tomato sauce with)
  5. Gently whisk the Worcestershire sauce and fermented tomato sauce through the mixture. This can be stored in fridge for up to a month.
  6. To serve, shuck and then BBQ pearl oysters in the shell for 1 min to “just” cook, then take off heat and spoon into each shell a teaspoon of “Kilpatrick” sauce, sprinkle with pork fat scraps and serve with lemon.