About Albany Walking Tour



Thursday 2 May 2024
10.00am to 12.00pm


Albany Visitor Centre

221 York Street Albany

Find a local at the Albany Visitor Centre. Walk next door to Alison Hartman Gardens and learn about the Menang Noongar and their place. Gently stroll downhill and peer into alleys, upwards to the facades of historic buildings and down to the harbour lights. Hear the latest goss on what’s on, where to eat and drink, how to get to the ‘must see’ locations and lnstagrammable sites.

Get navigational insight that only a local can know. We’ll make sure you get there and back again safely and without wasting time or fuel.

Lastly, find yourself in the cafe and wine bar strip and choose a venue for tonight! A great way to get started on your Albany getaway.

Google is great but a local is better! A quick snapshot of this gorgeous city.


Tickets - $60

Ticket includes walking tour of down town Albany. Includes maps and guide book to take away.


Busy Blue Bus
0418 414 425