Peddle Perth at UnWined Subiaco!

Peddle Perth have been providing fun and quirky rickshaw rides to the people of Perth and UnWined Subiaco are lucky enough to have them giving any ticket holder the opportunity of a complimentary ride through Subiaco. The ride will be an incredible experience if you can put down your wine for 20minutes. They will take you on an unforgettable tour of Subiaco and their amazing businesses. The ride will be full of fun facts, little known secrets and exclusive UnWined Subiaco special offers. So be sure to jump on board the rickshaw with Peddle Perth and discover what’s new, what’s old and everything in between! The rickshaw ride will take approximately 20 minutes departing from UnWined Subiaco a

How to Taste Wine like a Pro

Follow these 3 easy steps to taste wine like the professionals: 1. Start with the lightest such as sparkling, then lighter whites, followed by lighter reds, heavier reds and sweet fortified wines. Bread and sparkling wines are a great way to reset the palate. 2. Use your senses! Pick the glass up by the stem (holding the bowl can warm the wine) and take a moment to look at its colour. A young red is usually brighter while white wines tend to look more golden as they age. Keep the glass on a flat surface and give it a swirl for around 15 seconds to allow oxygen into the wine and release the delicious wine aromas. Now, lift the glass to your nose and give it a good smell and try and work out a

WA Wine Regions at UnWined Subiaco

Perth is very lucky to have many different wine regions right at our doorstep. We have the warm climate regions producing amazing Shiraz and Grenache as well as cool climate regions that are no more than a 5-hour drive and they are producing delicious Rieslings and a different kind of Shiraz. Count below the number of regions that you can taste at UnWined Subiaco. Swan Valley is one of the warmest grape growing regions in Australia, known for their delicious Sparkling Wine, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Verdelho and Chenin Blanc. Corymbia Faber Vineyard Pandemonium Estate Sittella Winery Geographe produces excellent Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. It's also becoming

Indulge at the Club Lounge

The VIP Club Lounge is back again this year at UnWined Subiaco and it is bigger and better than ever! You can sit back and enjoy the complimentary wine and food at the Club Lounge or go out and explore the show with your Plumm wine glass. The retreat also has its own VIP restrooms to add to its exclusivity. This year the Club Lounge is proudly supported by Taste Great Southern with produce and wine being provided by Great Southern companies. To name a few of the producers - Denmark Grass Fed Lamb, Mt Barker Chicken, Plantagenet Pork, Torbay Asparagus and Ocean Foods International. Wine is being supplied by Frankland Estate, The Lake House Denmark, Bunn Vineyard and Castelli, with beer from G

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